I chose this topic because the few days before I started on this project,
I have realised how much time have passed and I'm already 20 years old.
How much time flew by so quickly and quietly.
Coming into Hong Kong for intern-ship has actually made me realise how much faster the people here are in Hong Kong.
While in Singapore it's pretty average paced if I were to compare the 2 countries now.
I really wished I could stop time or put it on a 'pause'.
We just don't have the time to appreciate the little things around us.
I know in this society we aren't given the time to have such pleasure.
Even if it was just a simple moment, you just want to stay in that moment and be mesmerised by it forever.
How people change and move on so quickly. Sometimes you just dislike change, you know?
In a blink of an eye, you're old and the things around you look grey.
Will it be too late then? Will it be too late to do the things that you wished you could have done?

I hope this will be a reminder to everyone to learn to appreciate the moment
and not just let the moment pass by just like that.

Intro to cinemagraph (medium/technique used):

A cinemagraph is a medium named and created by husband and wife, Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg.
Jamie Beck is a photographer and Kevin Burg is a digital artist.
This dichotomy creates moments that are quiet and contemplative, elevating the humble GIF into something much more refined.

How they came up with the name cinemagraph is by playing with Greek roots.
They were researching on how the world came up with the term photography.
[Editor’s note: the word photograph is generally accepted to have derived from the Greek terms photos, meaning of light and grapho, meaning I write.]

"It's about combining the stills world and the motion world."
"A photograph that has a living moment inside of it" - Kevin Burg

Every frame is like a photograph. It captures the monotony of routine and isolates that spot of motion.
For cinemagraphs it will take you a little while to rethink the way you looked at the world.
You'll see something different. Being aware of these little living moments that exist.
You stop everything else around it and focus on this one really beautiful, living thing.

You have to be really mindful about where you want the attention to go.
It happens in post-production, deciding what is alive, how long it will be alive and why should it be alive.
Not just something moving for the sake of it.
This way I can allow someone else to see through my eyes.

The lyrics to the audio track (audio is edited - Stay Alive - Jose Gonzalez):

There's a rhythm in rush these days
Where the lights don't move and the colors don't fade
Leaves you empty with nothing but dreams
In a world gone shallow
In a world gone lean

But there is a truth and it's on our side
Dawn is coming open your eyes
Look into the sun as a new days rise