• Singapore Mechanical Keyboard Meet-Up 2019

    This non-profit SGMK Meet-up was one of the biggest yet in Singapore! I am into this hobby of mechanical keyboards, and I have been/ seen previous local meet-ups that were very small, informal and exclusive. Therefore, I have initiated this event to encourage newer public members to dive deeper into the hobby and experience something new. This was also a chance for the more experienced members to show off what they have. 

    Ticketing page: https://sgmkmeetup-2019.eventbrite.com/?aff=cactus

    Working closely with the organisers who volunteered, we have fully RSVP’d with 100 participants and had a waiting list of around 40. We had vendors and participants that attended that were from Malaysia, Indonesia and Melbourne. We did not expect such a turnout! As it was a non-profit event, there was a challenge to fully utilize the materials and resources that we have and make the best out of them.

    We then decided to open up an Instagram account to promote the event daily up till the event, get more people to attend, and show the goodies that we have in store for them. This includes photographing, filming and editing the unboxing videos of the prizes sent from many overseas sponsors. Other marketing channels mainly were on Discord, where most of the local enthusiasts are daily.

    View the curated photos (Photographed & edited by Allyson Chin): https://www.flickr.com/photos/182237516@N05/albums/72157711750248617
    SGMKMEETUP Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sgmkmeetup/

  • Concept of Logo design:

    The concept and design for the event started with the logo and animation. I did not want the cliche Singapore, red and white colour palette, Merlion, or the orchid flower. I wanted something that speaks from my heart as an individual. I’ve always loved Singapore’s racial harmony where you can be you without being ridiculed because of your skin colour, accent or where you came from.
The 4 icons that I have designed were my take on the 4 most popular keyboard switches, Mx, Alps, Topre and Choc.
 Link to Switch Recognition: https://deskthority.net/wiki/Switch_recognition
    I wanted the community to come together despite their different preferences and opinions about keyboards. For some context, some enthusiasts can be strong-headed with their methods.

    Sound Effects:

    As this hobby is mostly about building and constructing your own custom keyboard, be it a macro pad or a full-sized keyboard, one would have to learn how to solder, modify and troubleshoot the programming for the keyboard.
 The sound effects used for this short animation is mostly “underground” and “tunnel” sounds. You would be able to hear the fluorescent lights blinking as if you were in an underground garage building things. I wanted to mimic a person typing into the computer as the computer responds to the user. Therefore, after the typing sound ends, the robotic computer sound responds.

  • Location Scouting & Floor Plan Layout:

    After we have secured an accessible and affordable venue to hold the event, we started to develop floor plan layouts. I am very inspired by Ikea showrooms and theme parks, where the area's design encourages the user to only walk in one direction. As the place is relatively small for 100 pax (full-house), assuming that the entrance will most likely be congested, I have curated a longer route for the enthusiasts to walk to the exit.

  • Collateral designs:

    After I established the underground scenario, building and constructing, I wanted the lanyards to be like security badges that you would need in a construction site. The organisers would be called “supervisors” to manage the event, the helpers as the “builders” to help out, the participants as “inspectors” as they are there to observe and touch the keyboards and lastly, the vendors as the “engineers” that have their own constructed their own designs for keyboards and keycaps.

The stripes on the designs are hazard markings as construction sites usually have these to warn people the area is dangerous. In this case, the hazard markings are used to draw people to the vital information on the lanyard, signages and information cards.

    On the event day:
    They are then provided with a blue marker to write down their names or their screen names (username).
    Why the blue marker? Blue goes with the event branding, and also it stands out from the black and white design.
    This would then be easier for the participants to identify one other and make new friends to chat about the keyboards that they have built.


Printing of the collaterals was primarily black and white to lower costs of printing. (lanyards, posters, signages)

    All collaterals were manually cut by hand.

  • Event Signages:
    These are some examples of the signages that were placed around the event.

  • Door Gifts:
    These were handed out to everyone who attended the event.
    Left: SGMK Meetup Macropad kit, PCB mask/ graphics designed by Joyce Lee, adapted from cookpad PCB.
    Right: SGMK Meetup Sticker Pack designed by Joyce Lee.

  • Instagram Teaser - Macropad(cookpad):
    PCB mask/ graphics designed by Joyce Lee.
    Adapted from cookpad PCB

  • Door Gift - Contents in the Macropad kit:
    These are the items in the kit to build & program your very own 6-keys macropad.
    Includes SGMK Meetup PCB (adapted from cookpad), acrylic plate, diodes, reset button, standoffs, screws, bump-ons.

  • Door Gift - Sticker Pack:
    Sticker pack of 10 in 2 colour combos.
    A call-to-action hashtag for Instagram at the bottom of each sticker.
    Sticker printing was donated by Kay Gan

  • SGMK Meet-Up Exclusive Desk mat:

    This was the highly voted desk mat that I have designed for this meetup, and iLumKB sponsored the manufacturing of this desk mat. Only 6 of these desk mats were made and were put up as raffle prizes.

    The initial designs were first chosen by the organisers. Then the final design was selected by the community as a vote was held between 2 final designs.

  • Keyboard information cards:

As the keyboards are displayed like they are on the tables, you would not be able to tell what the internals are. They could be built with different parts or modified by the user. I was thinking of how I can take all the data/ information and put it all into 1 small piece of cardstock where it would be easy for people at the event who are just walking by to absorb the information as efficiently as possible.


I have chosen to go with an infographic style for participants to fill up these information cards and be placed on their keyboards. This card has all the necessary indicators to tell you what the internals are and who the keyboard belongs to. In case one might want to ask the owner for more details about how they have built it.
    Photographed by: Issac Loh

  • Photographed by: Minh-tri Uguyen

  • Photographed by: Jonathan Tan

  • Photographed & edited by: Allyson Chin

  • Photographed by: Allyson Chin

  • Gentle reminders...
    Photographed by: Kenny Claudius

  • iLumKB Presentation led by Louis:
    We have invited Louis, the store owner of iLumKB, who designed the Volcano660 keyboard and the Nutcracker series, to present how he engineered his products' design detail. This allows the community to learn from him and be inspired by his works.
    Photographed & edited by: Allyson Chin

  • Switch Tuning Workshop:
    This workshop gives more insight on how to customise your keyboard switches by modifying and lubing them. It was led by Wayne and Kenny.
    Photographed & edited by: Allyson Chin

  • Photographed by: Allyson Chin

  • Photographed by: Allyson Chin

  • Photographed by: Allyson Chin

  • Photographed by: Allyson, Issac, Mikael

  • Organising Team & Helpers
    Special Thanks to:
    My Mother and Brother, Dominic, Kenny, Julius, Esther, Ivan, Tristan, Ranon, Maxwell, Kay, Donovan, Wayne.
    Photograph edited by: Allyson Chin

  • Event Group Shot:
    Thanks to everyone who helped and made this event come to life!
    Photographed & edited by: Allyson Chin

  • Sponsors:
    Many thanks to the sponsors who have provided the event with the raffle prizes!

Singapore Mechanical Keyboard Meet-Up 2019