Wrek Ya Style - Chiemi Official Music Video


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Music video by Chiemi the D3adly performing Wrek Ya Style in the 415 and 510, Bay Area, CA. 

Director: Chiemi the D3adly // 知恵美子 
Video Production: Sun Chow Media
Additional Photography: Art Asava, Alma Herrera-Pazmiño, Jacob Krummel, Dailey Kluck
Post Production: Joyce Lee(animator, illustrator, art direction), Sun Chow Media
Shadow Dancers: Jada Imani, Amani Jade
Set Venue: Alan Blueford Center for Justice (Oakland, CA)
Flygirl Earrings: MzKats Kreations

2017 Sun Chow Media release / #ChiemitheD3adly #IfLoveIsTheAnswer #WhatWasTheQuestion?
#SanFrancisco #SFC #415